Security & privacy
on the Internet

The Internet is the backbone for information delivery in global economies. It offers a way to exchange data across geographical boundaries, through cables, satellites and wireless spectrum. It is a digital nervous system that requires protection from hostile actions. To maintain the integrity of the network we must balance security against privacy.

Security is the focus of information technologies that work on protecting data, in transit and at rest. Privacy is the focus of data protection on behalf of individuals and entities.

Who owns what data and at what point is the key battle that defines privacy. The fact that firms collect this data, and exchange with unknown parties for a price is under scrutiny in various countries. Each has a different policy which makes enforcement difficult.

This is a problem of ownership - who does the data on people and entities really belong to? And secondly, how do we measure the value of the information to its originator? If we treat the information economy as a valuable asset, then privacy also has value

These articles explore security and privacy and how they impact each other. As we find more resources they will appear here over time.




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